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Smart HDB Town

Smart HDB Town Framework


In support of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision, HDB strives to leverage Smart technologies in the planning, development, and management of HDB towns.


In September 2014, we unveiled the ’Smart HDB Town Framework’, which mapped out how smart initiatives would be introduced to create a more liveable, efficient, sustainable, and safe living environment for HDB residents.


The framework covers the following key dimensions:

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1. Smart Planning - we look at the use of computer simulation and data analytics to improve the way we plan and design our towns, precincts, and buildings. Real time information is integrated into the simulation models to derive optimal and cost-effective solutions for urban design technologies in HDB towns.


 2. Smart Environment - we look into linking estates with a network of sensors to capture real-time environment information, such as temperature and humidity, which can be used to create a more pleasant environment for residents.


3. Smart Estate - we leverage on Smart technologies to collect and analyse estate data to optimise maintenance cycles and pre-empt problems.


4. Smart Living - we  provide digital infrastructure in flats to pave the way for intelligent homes. Residents will be able to tap on smart home applications developed by commercial companies.  


5. Smart Community – we leverage data analytics and Information and Communications Technologies to better understand and engage residents, enhance community bonding efforts, and empower communities to take greater ownership in co-creating their living environments.