Our Logo

The First Logo

The first logo was introduced in February 1960, the year HDB was formed, having taken over the functions of its preceding agency, the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT).

The original logo comprised the symbol of a home and a square frame with a red brick-wall background. The corporate colours were red, blue, and white. In line with the bold, angular design style of the 1960s and 1970s, the first logo represented HDB’s mission during the initial period of providing basic homes for Singaporeans.


SIT logo first HDB logo
The SIT was HDB’s preceding agency First HDB logo introduced in February 1960

The Current Logo

In March 1980, HDB updated the logo to reflect its new vision to create better quality homes and environments in keeping with the rise in the economy and standard of living.

The updated logo retained the home symbol and the signature red, but did away with the red brick-wall background and blue square frame.

The logo represents the well-planned townships and well-designed homes where HDB residents live, work, and play. HDB towns are also where families are raised, and a close-knit, inclusive, and harmonious community is cultivated.


Current Corporate Signature
Current Corporate Signature presented in March 1980