Phase 2 Re-opening of Food & Beverage Establishments, Retail Establishments and Lifestyle-Related Services

On 15 June, the Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) announced that Phase 2 will commence on 19 June. Apart from a short list of exceptions, Phase 2 will see the resumption of most activities, including the reopening of food and beverage (F&B) establishments (PDF, 226KB) selling predominantly beverages and resumption of dine-in services, as well as retail establishments and lifestyle-related services (PDF, 313KB). The information in these advisories supersedes that in previous advisories or statements.

Rental Rebates for HDB Shops and Offices (COVID-19 Assistance)

The Government has announced several measures as part of the Unity, Resilience, Solidarity, and Fortitude Budgets to help businesses and cushion the impact of COVID-19, including enhanced rental rebates. Read more about the rebates for qualifying tenants in HDB shops and social-communal facilities, and HDB offices.

Know more about HDB Commercial Properties

Check out the following sections for information about HDB commercial units, facilities, and how we support businesses. You can also find out how to book conference and training spaces at HDB Hub.