COVID-19 Updates For Businesses (Updated 25 Apr 2022)

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Streamlining the Rostered Routine Testing Regime (Updated 18 Feb 2022)

The Multi-Ministry Taskforce has announced that from 18 February, the Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) regime will be streamlined to focus only on settings catering to vulnerable groups (i.e. healthcare sector, eldercare sector, and settings with children below 5 years old) and selected essential services sectors. Other sectors (retail malls, personal care services and markets) will no longer be required to continue testing.

QTC appointments scheduled from 18 February onwards have been automatically cancelled. There will not be any further ART kit replenishment provided for companies/workers previously on Employer-supervised Self Swab (ESSS).

Enhanced Support Measures to help Businesses

On 28 May, 23 July, 24 September and 20 October 2021, the Government announced support packages to help affected individuals and businesses during the periods of tightened measures from 16 May-13 Jun, 22 Jul-18 Aug and 27 Sep-21 Nov 2021. As part of these packages, the Government will provide rental relief to SMEs, to support businesses with rental costs. Read more about the enhanced support measures.

Guidance Note on Improving Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality in Buildings amid the Covid-19 Situation

On 25 May 2021, NEA, BCA and MOH issued the updated guidelines on improving ventilation and indoor air quality in indoor environments during COVID-19 situation. The revised guidelines highlight the various measures that our tenants/ operators can carry out to improve hygiene and ventilation in their premises. Read more about the updated guidelines.

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