HDB Greenprint

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With increasing global warming and rising sea levels, it is important that everyone join in to protect the environment. To ensure that Singapore can remain a great place for current and future generations to live in, we are bringing sustainable living into existing HDB estates with the HDB Greenprint, part of our 'Roadmap to Better Living in HDB Towns'.

The HDB Greenprint is a comprehensive and integrated framework of goals and strategies to guide greener HDB town development, and create sustainable homes. In the Greenprint framework, we extend the concept of green and sustainable lifestyles beyond Punggol, to build Green Neighbourhoods, Green Flats, and Green Communities.

The HDB Greenprint was first piloted at Yuhua estate in Jurong, where 38 blocks of flats have been transformed into a 'Green Neighbourhood'. Launched in 2012, the pilot HDB Greenprint programme in Yuhua aimed to bring energy-efficient, water management, and waste management features into this estate. It has since been completed on 28 November 2015.

On 4 July 2015, the HDB Greenprint was extended to 40 blocks of flat in Teck Ghee estate, where about 5,800 households in Teck Ghee can look forward to an improved living environment under the HDB Greenprint. Works for the various initiatives are currently being carried out in Teck Ghee progressively.

The findings from these projects will be used to refine the HDB Greenprint model before it is rolled out to other HDB towns. Residents can look forward to sustainable and green initiatives such as solar panels, sensor-controlled LED lightings, pneumatic waste conveyance system, and enhanced pedestrian networks.

Map of pilot Greenprint neighbourhood in Yuhua estate

Map of the Greenprint neighbourhood in Teck Ghee estate