Urban Greenery

HDB creates conducive living environments for residents by developing and implementing innovative greening solutions on rooftop and vertical facades. These solutions reduce heat emissions from building surfaces and improves the aesthetics of HDB estates.


PEG Roof Tray

The Prefabricated Extensive Green (PEG) Roof Tray System introduces greenery to the urban landscape by greening building rooftops and is designed to address the environmental concerns of many urbanised cities with limited green spaces.

By providing thermal insulation to the roof, the PEG system reduces surface/ ambient temperatures while serving as an added protective layer for the roof membrane. In addition, the added greenery reduces glare to surrounding blocks while promoting biodiversity in the rooftop living ecosystem.

Before (Left) and after installation of PEG Roof Trays


 Key Features

  • Instant Greenery – Plants can be grown off-site and thus providing immediate greening upon installation

  • Modular & Flexible – 500 mm x 500 mm x 128mm

  • Lightweight & Portable – Increase Productivity
    (120kg/m² inclusive of water, growth medium and plants)

  • Self-Sustaining – Low Maintenance
    (Stores rainwater within interconnected reservoirs)

  • High Quality Growth Medium
    (Inorganic lightweight growth medium for high porosity and water absorption rate)

  • Improves Thermal Comfort

You may also wish to view our distributor’s brochure on the PEG Roof Tray System.



Project References


Block 93A Jalan Dua


Block 756A Bedok Reservoir View


Block 410 Fernvale Residences


United World College University


Hong Kong Kwai Chung Estate


Hong Kong Yuen Long Government Office


Key Awards


  • Hong Kong Skyrise Greenery Merit Award (2012)

  • SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award (2013)


The Verti.Gro vertical greenery system, developed and patented by HDB, is a modular, lightweight plant tray integrated with prefabricated steel mesh and climbers to form a vertical green wall.

This system offers flexibility, by letting natural daylight and ventilation enter the building. Various mesh profiles can also be formed to create a variety of unique designs.

Key Features


  • Modular and Lightweight

    Verti.Gro plant trays can be easily assembled, dismantled and reused to facilitate future works or maintenance.

  • Prefabricated Solution

    Various mesh profiles can be prefabricated to fit different designs and enable ease of installation on-site.

  • Integrated Water Compartment

    Verti.Gro plant trays are designed with integrated water storage compartments, reducing the need for frequent irrigation.


Project References


Ang Mo Kio Blk 410


Clean Tech One


Nan Hua School


North Oaks Primary School

Floating Wetlands System

The Floating Wetlands System intensifies greenery and brings nature closer to your doorstep.

Inspired by the strong and lightweight organic form of honeycombs, we created hexagonal modules which could join together in a compact manner to form “floating spaces” on water bodies.

The Floating Wetlands System is able to support the weight of plants and maintenance workers, while staying buoyant and stable - even when it is exposed to waves caused by passing boats. You can find the Floating Wetlands System at Punggol Waterway, and within selected future HDB projects.


Floating wetlands were installed at the mouth of the Waterway, near Sunset Bridge, as a welcoming gesture and to help soften the look of the concrete columns and look-out deck of the bridge.