Green Commuting

Cycling path network

The cycling paths that HDB builds in our towns offer a greener and healthier way for residents to get around. We build cycling paths in tandem with new roads, and partner other agencies to retrofit existing roads with cycling paths, where feasible.

For example, we worked with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to construct the cycling path network under Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) for Jurong Lake.

Green Commuting

Infrastructure such as bicycle parking facilities within residential estates and commercial developments help support this form of green commuting.

Dual Bicycle Rack System

Having a secure place to park your bicycle is necessary. Our Dual Bicycle Rack enables 2 parked bicycles to be stacked safely and securely. It takes up only half the space of normal bicycle racks.. It also has a bicycle-locking bar, so residents can secure multiple points of the bicycle using a bicycle lock.

57 sets of these racks were piloted in our first eco-precinct, Treelodge@Punggol in 2012, and subsequently in Yuhua and Teck Ghee under the HDB Greenprint. Since January 2014, we have introduced the Dual Bicycle Rack System all new HDB developments, and will continue to implement them in existing estates island-wide.

Dual Bicycle Racks