HDB Greenprint Fund

You and your community play an important role in the creation of a true Greenprint. We have set up the 'HDB Greenprint Fund' to support and fund the development and implementation of Green Solutions within the precinct. If you have great ideas to achieve savings in water or electricity usage, increase recycling rates, reduce heat in the environment, improve community bonding, and the quality of living our living environment, we want to hear from you. Your solutions can fall under any of these categories:

Apply for the HDB Greenprint Fund


Smart and Sustainable Solutions

Smart and Sustainable Solutions should be new and original, encompass workable or implementable products, systems, processes, or work methodologies. Remember that these are for implementation within the Teck Ghee Community.

Application for the HDB Greenprint Fund has ended on 28 February 2017. Please look out for future opportunities in this page later. 

What is HDB Greenprint Fund?

  • The HDB Greenprint Fund will support green test-bedding solutions and implementations within Teck Ghee
  • In this Greenprint Fund, we are looking for great ideas to achieve savings in water or electricity usage, increase recycling rates, heat reduction in environment, or improve community bonding, and quality of living and environment
  • The test-bedding solutions could be in terms of products, process, systems, or methodologies that could help to improve or create a greener and smarter living environment. However, the solutions should be new, original (i.e. no direct applications of off-the-shelf products and no direct monetary incentive-base proposals), and implementable. It should not be ideas or concepts that are abstract and not implementable
  • Interested applicants can submit their application forms and completed documents to us during the grant call. Potential applications will be invited for a presentation and successful applicants will be notified by us

Objectives of the Greenprint Fund

  • Encourage the co-creation of sustainable green solutions with the community to promote greener and sustainable development for Teck Ghee
  • Identify and explore other sustainable solutions to achieve higher sustainability
  • Develop and test-bed potential/ workable sustainable solutions within Teck Ghee

How the HDB Greenprint Fund works

The HDB Greenprint Fund will fund and support test-bedding of Smart and Sustainable Solutions and implementations within the neighbourhood in Teck Ghee, subject to a cap of S$100,000 per application.

In the Greenprint Fund, we will disburse the fund through reimbursement of the total qualifying cost incurred in the development or test-bedding process.

Qualifying costs refer to costs associated with the following categories:

  • Manpower
  • Equipment, software, materials, and consumables
  • Professional services
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Testing and certification

(Note: Reimbursement of qualifying costs is subject to HDB’s discretion and approval. Goods receipts would be required as supporting documents for the reimbursements. The documents and claims would be subjected to audits and checks. Refer to the application form for further details)

Upon approval of application, the project shall commence and be completed within 12 months (qualifying period). During the qualifying period, applicants will be required to submit progress reports to us for updates and assessment.

Past Awarded HDB Greenprint Fund Proposals

Awarded proposals

To co-create original and innovative solutions with the public to promote green living, we held our first HDB Greenprint Fund Grant Call on 20 February 2013. We received a total of 31 proposals and implemented and completed 3 of them at our pilot neighbourhood at Yuhua. The projects are:  

Ducted System LED Light for Common Areas

Ducted System LED Light for Common Areas

Community Parklets (mini parks) at HDB Common Areas

Community Parklets (mini parks) at HDB Common Areas

community farming

Community Farming – ‘Hobby Farming’