Precast Technology



With over 3 decades of experience in precast concrete technology, HDB has succeeded in developing and refining its own brand of semi-precast system that is able to meet the demands of Singapore’s environment and weather conditions. It has also helped us to achieve high quality and construction productivity in the development of our high-rise buildings.

Being the pioneer and leader in prefabrication technology within Singapore, we have since maintained our precast implementation level at about 70% for each project.


Advantages of Precast Technology


  • Increases buildability & labour productivity

    • Faster and more efficient installation through modular and standardised precast components

  • Provides quality homes

    • Consistent quality control in precast components within factory environments

  • Enhances safety at construction sites

    • Eliminates the need for workers to work on external scaffolding along the building periphery

  • Reduces Impact on Environment

    • Optimises material usage and reduces waste


Find out more about the precast technologies we use below.

Automated Precast Production System (APPS)

The Automated Precast Production System (APPS) improves the precast production process by integrating Computer Aided Design Drafting & Manufacturing (CAD/ CAM) capability into the production process. This makes it easier to produce a greater variety of components while reducing the demand for manual labour, allowing for more complex designs to be fabricated and installed quickly.

Conventional precast production methods entail the laying and spreading of moulds across the factory floor. In contrast, the APPS uses a conveyor belt system to transport precast moulds from each operation-specific station to the next. The concrete-filled moulds are then stacked up and stored in large chambers for hardening. With this efficient method of production, the production capacity of the plant can be significantly increased compared to conventional precast plants.


SE CAD Software

The Structural Engineering Computer-Aided Design (SE CAD) software is HDB’s one-stop solution for structural analysis, design, and detailing of high-rise precast developments. It is available in both British and Eurocode standards.

Developed in-house, the SE CAD leverages HDB’s knowledge and experience in building design and construction practices, while guiding the construction industry to implement designs which are sustainable and easier to build, through greater use of precast and prefabrication.

SE CAD is currently in use by major local consultants for HDB projects to perform efficient structural design and regulatory submissions. SE CAD has also been proven effective in the design of hostel and hospital projects by users in Malaysia.


Key Features

Powered by a robust 3D finite element engine, the SE CAD software performs high-accuracy analysis and allows the smooth transfer of information from design to detailing, while eliminating discrepancies between drawings.

Integrated seamlessly with HDB’s precast and prefabrication databases, SE CAD is equipped with advanced precast design and detailing capabilities, such as the automatic generation of structural members.