Bukit Timah

Facts and Figures

Bukit Timah is home to an estimated 8,400 HDB residents and we manage 2,555 flats within the town (as of 31 March 2018).

History of Bukit Timah

There are a few versions to the origin of the town’s name. It was thought that Bukit Timah means ‘tin-bearing hill’, as a direct translation from Malay. Others believed Bukit Timah was a misinterpretation of the words ‘Bukit Temak’, which aptly means ‘hill of the temak trees’.

Notable Places

Bukit Timah Hill is Singapore’s tallest hill, and where 2 war memorials were erected in memory of the Japanese troops who died, as well as the British soldiers who defended Singapore.

The old Ford Factory, located in Bukit Timah, was witness to the surrender of the head of Allied forces, Lieutenant General A.E. Percival to Japanese Lieutenant General Tomoyuki Yamashita on 15 February 1942. Today, it is a museum that showcases the events that happened during World War II.