Choa Chu Kang

Facts and Figures

Choa Chu Kang has an estimated HDB resident population of 169,000 and we manage 48,900 flats in the town (as of 31 March 2018).

The town consists of 7 neighbourhoods including Keat Hong, Yew Tee, and Teck Whye.

History of Choa Chu Kang

The name Choa Chu Kang was derived from the Teochew word ‘kang chu’. The plantation owners were known as Kangchu – the word ‘kang’ means river and ‘chu’ is the clan name of the first headman in charge of the plantations in the area. The river banks of Choa Chu Kang had gambier and pepper planted along them.

Evolving Through The Years

Choa Chu Kang’s first neighbourhood was completed in 1977 at Teck Whye Avenue. Design motifs and features reminiscent of its rural past bring a touch of nostalgia to the designs of many HDB blocks.

The old attap houses, street hawkers, and kampungs in the area have long disappeared, and Choa Chu Kang has since evolved into a modern housing estate with ample community and recreational facilities.

Notable Places

Choa Chu Kang Park is a favourite amongst residents on weekends, where visitors can walk through the remnants of the old fruit tree plantations and get closer to nature. The park also has a small skate park and a wide range of fitness stations.