Kallang / Whampoa

Facts and Figures

Kallang and Whampoa were merged into a single HDB town, and is home to an estimated 106,900 HDB residents. Within the area, we manage 39,194 flats (as of 31 March 2018).

History of Kallang / Whampoa

The name Kallang, was derived from the Malay term referring to the ‘orang laut’, or sea gypsies who lived by the Kallang and Singapore River. Another explanation of its origins is from the Malay word ‘kilang’ or mill/ factory, many of which operated in that area.

Evolving Through The Years

The Kallang housing estate is one of Singapore's oldest housing estates, and the site of Singapore’s first airport, Kallang Airport, which was opened in 1937.

The Singapore Improvement Trust started the construction of Kallang in 1959, and some of the older housing blocks have since been replaced by new public housing developments under the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS). One of the developments is The River Vista @ Kallang, a waterfront project flanking the Kallang River.

Notable Places

The Singapore Sports Hub, which opened in 2014, is located within the Kallang/ Whampoa area, specifically where the old National Stadium used to be. It serves as an integrated venue for Singaporeans to watch and play sports.