Pasir Ris

Facts and Figures

108,400 HDB residents call Pasir Ris town home, and we manage 29,654 flats in the town (as of 31 March 2018).

History of Pasir Ris

Pasir Ris, which means ‘white sand’ in Malay, describes the long stretch of white sandy beach along the north-east coastline of Singapore.

Evolving Through The Years

From its early days as an undeveloped area mainly occupied by kampungs and plantation estates, Pasir Ris has become a residential estate that exudes a lively seaside ambience.

The architecture of the housing blocks takes inspiration from the nearby beach and sea elements. Being one of the first few towns to have an intra-town cycling path network, Pasir Ris is a haven for cycling enthusiasts.

Residents of Pasir Ris can look forward to the revitalisation of Pasir Ris Town under the Remaking Our Heartland programme. The rejuvenation plans for the town were announced and exhibited in April 2017.

Notable Places

Pasir Ris Park is a popular hangout for residents of the town, with its proximity to the beach. The park contains a 6ha mangrove forest which is well-known among nature lovers.

Pasir Ris is also known for the various resorts and chalets in the area, where residents and Singaporeans like to go for a quick getaway. The town’s dedicated cycling network path makes it convenient for cyclists to get around the town.