Live Green

We will drive greater environmental sustainability in our towns to promote green living for all, by leveraging on smart applications and technologies that help to stretch sustainability targets. Our goal is to make our residents' lives more convenient, while nudging them to be more aware of how they can do their part for the environment.

Green, Resource-Efficient Estates

Our HDB Green Towns Programme is a 10-year plan to make all existing HDB towns more sustainable and liveable by 2030, and help mitigate the effects of climate change. Our efforts fall into 3 main areas - reducing energy consumption, cooling HDB towns, and recycling rainwater.

Seamless and Reliable Services

One way to enhance the urban living experience is to ensure smooth and easy access to services. For example, we developed a Smart Parking System to deliver a seamless parking experience for motorists. Find out more below!

Urban Solutions for Greater Comfort and Convenience

We also carry out research studies and explore urban solutions to create environments that are more pleasant and comfortable for our residents to live in. For example, we run computer simulations to optimise the design and placement of our blocks, which maximise windflow and improve thermal comfort. Read more about our first housing district to testbed smart technologies right from the design stage.