Tengah Connected

Tengah Connected

Just as parks are a sanctuary from traffic, the ground level of the development is designed as a People’s Park - a pedestrian-friendly landscape with limited vehicular access. More generous landscaped community spaces are created for residents to exercise, relax, and interact with neighbours in a safe environment.

(A) The People’s Park: Landscapes for Wellness

Residents will be able to enjoy farm-to-table dining as they grow their own produce and share the fruits of their harvest with their neighbours. Coupled with other amenities such as nature-themed playgrounds, fitness stations and open green spaces, these activities will offer the residents the opportunity to exchange gardening ideas and build stronger bonds within their communities.

Landscapes for Wellness

Series of biophillic wellness gardens
A series of biophilic wellness gardens are seamlessly connected and encourage active and healthy living for all
Plantation Farmway
Live by the park with seamless integration between the precincts and the Plantation Farmway
Rainforest Walk
The Rainforest Walk is a lushly landscaped pedestrian trail lined with community spaces for neighbours to mingle and interact
Hamlet Gardens
Hamlet Gardens provide car-free garden spaces at residents’ doorstep

Hamlet Gardens provide car-free garden spaces

(B) Sky Parks: Bringing recreational amenities closer to homes

Residents can look forward to sky parks created atop the multi-storey car parks and neighbourhood centre to experience hobby farming and enjoy gardening at the community gardens.

The “Sky Galleria” is an elevated landscaped linkway that links to the sky parks, and offers views of the surrounding greenery. It will offer sheltered seating areas, lookout points, and fitness stations.

A network of sky gardens connected by sky bridges