Neighbourhood Centre

Neighbourhood Centre

The neighbourhood centre is positioned as a ‘Social and Wellness Hub’ that will offer residents’ the opportunity to interact with one another, and lead active and healthy lifestyles.

Some of the highlights include a polyclinic, health promotion events, wellness retail offerings, and eateries offering healthy food selections. It will also function as a community node in the Park District, and where polyclinic and agencies can easily reach out to the community.

(A) Approach

Inspired by the surrounding greenery
Inspired by the surrounding greenery, the neighbourhood centre strikes a distinctive presence from the Farmway
Facade of the neighbourhood centre
The façade of the neighbourhood centre y

(B) Community Plaza

The community plaza is designed to look like green canyons, and will be filled with lush greenery that extends out into the Farmway. It will be a place of both respite and connectivity, as residents can use the space to participate in social and lifestyle activities together.

Community Plaza
The Community Plaza will be surrounded by pocket gardens and retail streets

(C) The Vale

The Vale, a series of terraced landscaped steps allows residents to conveniently traverse along the Farmway to the shops and supermarket at the basement level. Open dining verandahs will overlook the atrium and lush greenery at the Farmway. Apart from offering healthier food options at the neighbourhood centre, we will also partner agencies to organise health promotion activities.

The Vale
Airy retail streets and dining spaces overlook a series of terraced landscaped steps

(D) Wellness Trail

Prominent stairways which open up directly to a variety of green community spaces on each floor are designed to encourage visitors to use the stairs. To add interest and excitement, an experiential wellness trail will lead from amenities in the basement all the way to the tranquil garden at the rooftop.

The polyclinic and retail spaces in the neighbourhood centre overlook a series of terraced landscaped spaces throughout the various floors