Social Well-Being

HDB towns will be planned and designed to provide opportunities for communities to thrive. Strong social ties are integral to foster social resilience, and essential for a community to overcome future crises and challenges together.

Diverse Community Spaces

We will continue to plan for different types of community spaces (e.g. void decks, pavilions), to encourage neighbourly interactions and build stronger community bonds. Here are some examples of large community spaces and cosy settings in our estates that allow for residents to come together.

Yishun Town Square
Yishun Town Square
Community Living Room at HDB void decks
The Social Verandah at Alkaff Courtview @ Bidadari allows residents to hold community activities
Sky Residence @ Dawson
Sky Residence @ Dawson has multiple spaces for community activities

Encourage Inter-Generational Bonding

For new public housing developments, more childcare and eldercare facilities will be co-located to facilitate inter-generational interaction and bonding. Precinct facilities, like 3-Generation playgrounds and community gardens, will also be in close proximity.

Co-locating Childcare and Eldercare facilities to Encourage Inter-Generational bonding
Co-location of facilities

Enhancing Facilities to Offer Wellness Choices

We provide different facilities to meet your needs across all stages of your life. We will enhance our neighbourhood centres with more wellness choices beyond what’s available today. For example, by offering healthy food options, community spaces for bonding, green spaces to relax, and fitness corners.

Neighbourhood Centre as Social and Wellness Hub
Neighbourhood Centre as social and wellness hub

Social and Wellness Hub

Neighbourhood centres may also be integrated with other uses. For instance, in Parc Residences @ Tengah, public housing is integrated with a neighbourhood centre, polyclinic, and community spaces such as community plaza, roof garden, and pocket gardens.

Public housing integrated with a neighbourhood centre and polyclinic at Parc Residences @ Tengah