Bidadari Park

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We envision Bidadari Park to be an ecologically-sensitive regional park at the heart of Bidadari Estate, where residents can immerse themselves in nature. The park design will draw on Bidadari's history, and preserve the social memories and ecological importance of the site.

Ecological Connections

Bidadari Park will retain the greenery that allows migratory birds to rest and feed while transiting through Singapore along the East Asia-Australasian Flyway network. You will be able to spot rare birds from September to March every year.

Ecological Connections

(1) Re-Create – Alkaff Lake

Alkaff Lake was a feature in Bidadari in the 1930s, before it was filled up in 1964. The new Alkaff Lake will act as a retainer for stormwater to prevent floods in the area, before discharging the stormwater slowly to Marina Reservoir.

Re-Create – Alkaff Lake

(2) Re-Purpose – Heritage Walk

You will be able to stroll along the Heritage Walk under the cool shade of the large retained trees which used to line Upper Aljunied Road. Find out more about Bidadari's past from storyboards along the way too!

Re-Purpose – Heritage Walk

(3) Retain – Trees & Terrain

The undulating terrain will be retained as much as possible to preserve the greenery, hydrology, and nutrients within the soil, and minimise environmental footprint. Young and old alike will be able to easily access the park and appreciate the mature greenery.

Retain – Trees & Terrain

(4) Reconnect – Nature Play

Residents will be able to reconnect with nature through play within the conserved woodlands, such as the Nest House Playground.

Reconnect – Nature Play

(5) Reuse – Felled Timber & Salvaged Materials

Felled timber will be re-used for some of the park benches you will sit on. Some logs and snags will also be left as natural habitats to create a park full of life.

Reuse – Felled Timber & Salvaged Materials