Function of HDB Branches and Town Councils

Your role

As a home owner, you should inspect your home regularly. Regular upkeep and maintenance of your flat is important to keep it in good condition. This will help you spot a problem before there is any serious damage and extensive repairs are required. Early problem detection and the necessary preventive/ corrective action will save you time and money.

We advise you to exercise due care and diligence when carrying out repair and maintenance works in your flat, and take necessary precautions to avoid causing any injury to others and/or damage to property.

Our role

We provide comprehensive housing administration, estate management and flat maintenance services. You can also visit our HDB Branches to use e-kiosks to transact, or access our e-Services on the HDB InfoWEB. If you require additional assistance, you can contact your nearest HDB Branch, or make an appointment with our Branch officers by booking an e-Appointment.

Your Town Council's role

The Town Councils are autonomous legal entities formed under the Town Councils Act. Town Councils control, manage, maintain, and improve the common property of HDB residential flats and commercial property within the Town. Common property includes corridors, void decks, lifts, water tank, public lighting, and open spaces. You may contact your respective town council to find out more about routine maintenance works, cyclical improvement works and other services.