Letters to the Media

Here is a selection of our responses to recent letters in the media.

Date Published

Our Reply

15 May 2020  Active efforts to help public rental tenants purchase their own HDB flats

23 November 2019

Goodwill Repair Assistance scheme helps fix leaks quickly, affordably (The Straits Times)

1 May 2019

HDB worked closely with Dakota residents for relocation (The Straits Times)

5 April 2019

HDB carparks designed to serve residents' needs (The Straits Times)

23 February 2019

Renewing HDB estates in financially viable way (The Straits Times)
9 January 2019

Check windows regularly to prevent them falling (The Straits Times)

26 October 2018

Resale levy ensures fair housing subsidy allocation (Lianhe Zaobao)

20 September 2018

Most flat sellers are able to secure buyers from eligible ethnic groups (The Straits Times)

5 September 2018

HDB flat sizes unchanged since 1997 (The Straits Times)

1 September 2018

Leaseholds confer ownership rights for finite term: HDB (The Straits Times)

10 July 2018

Seniors looking to right-size to smaller flats have several options (The Straits Times)

24 April 2018

Various options for seniors to monetise HDB flats (The Straits Times)

24 April 2018

Living density different from population density (The Straits Times)