Uncover how we embrace reinvention and strengthen community ties in our homes, to create public housing that is uniquely Singapore’s.

Dwellings chronicles our efforts in creating homes for Singaporeans. We strive to reinvent and transform Singapore’s housing landscape, developing homes that Singaporeans would be proud to live in. Through Dwellings, we share how we create public housing that is uniquely Singapore. 

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What will our future homes be like?

In shaping the next chapter of Singapore's public housing story, HDB has unveiled a new roadmap that places the holistic well-being of residents at the centre of its planning efforts, to provide for their life's needs beyond the four walls of their home.



  • Designing for Life

    October 2020

    Placing the holistic well-being of residents at the centre of its planning efforts, HDB’s new roadmap will guide HDB through its plans, policies and programmes as it continues to improve and enrich the lives of residents over the next decade.

  • Housing a Nation

    Issue Feb/ Mar 2020

    For 60 years, HDB has focused its attention on building quality homes for Singaporeans. A willingness to experiment and embrace change has created a distinctive brand of public housing that has pride of place in the lives of its residents. 

  • A Journey in Service Transformation

    Issue Sep/ Oct 2019

    The HDB Service Master Plan was drawn up to ensure that HDB customers are cared for at every stage of their service journey. By leveraging Design Thinking and technology, HDB is providing a more convenient and personalised experience for its customers.

  • A Singaporean Dream

    Issue Feb/ Mar 2020

    Across global cities, where inflation and high cost of living have made home ownership out of reach for many, Singapore stands out as a nation of home owners, supported by a range of housing options and policies that cater to various needs.

  • Building Future-Ready Homes

    Issue Sep/ Oct 2019

    To advance its goal of building well-designed, quality homes, HDB has been on a continual quest to deepen its expertise in construction technology. More recently, new partnerships and research projects have broadened the horizons to keep HDB towns future-ready.

  • Distinctive HDB Towns

    Issue Feb/ Mar 2019

    HDB Town Design Guides chronicle the history, vision, and distinct character of each of our 24 towns, guiding and unifying the development of each town.

  • Heartland Play

    Issue Feb/ Mar 2019

    The ubiquitous playgrounds in HDB estates have evolved from being just simple play areas into vibrant civic spaces and iconic landmarks.


    Issue Feb/ Mar 2019

    Capturing nearly 6 decades of Singapore’s public housing journey, HDB’s revamped gallery tells its story through an immersive, multimedia experience.

  • Meet the Dwellers — A Cut Above the Rest

    Issue Sep/ Oct 2019

    Behind the neat, ordered facades of HDB blocks is a living compendium of lives, people and stories; some more colourful than others, but all unique and interesting in their own special way. A barber offers more than just haircuts in her heartland shop, as she seeks to bring people closer together and make a difference in her community.

  • Meet The Dwellers – Championing the Community Spirit

    Issue Feb/ Mar 2019

    A home-grown group of chapteh players is keeping the heritage activity alive, with hopes of reigniting its popularity across the heartland.

  • Meet the Dwellers - The Heartland Hero of Chai Chee

    Issue Feb/ Mar 2020

    Behind the neat, ordered facades of HDB blocks is a living compendium of lives, people and stories; some more colourful than others, but all unique and interesting in their own special way. To ensure less privileged students in Kembangan-Chai Chee are able to enjoy opportunities and new experiences, Fung Chun Chang dedicates his time to mentoring them and creating a community where they can belong.

  • Partners in Co-Creation

    Issue Sep/ Oct 2019

    More than just flat owners, our residents are instrumental in shaping active, thriving communities in HDB towns. With the many community programmes introduced to spur ground-up participation, more residents have been playing an active role in co-creating and enlivening community spaces in their neighbourhood.

  • The World Beyond Walls

    Issue Feb/ Mar 2020

    Beyond four walls, an HDB home extends into the wider precinct and town, where thoughtful greening and landscaping concepts have been put in place to drive green and sustainable living for the future. 




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What is Dwellings?

Dwellings is a publication by the Housing & Development Board, Singapore’s public housing authority. Through Dwellings, we want to share how we create quality and affordable public housing that is uniquely different, and also uniquely Singapore’s.

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You can share the link to Dwellings on your personal blog or social media pages. For reproduction in print media, social media and for any other purposes, please contact us at dwellings@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.

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How can I get involved with Dwellings?

Dwellings is a platform for sharing of ideas, works and projects that promote and advance quality and sustainable housing. We welcome contributions from all who share a keen interest in housing and habitats, whether you are an academic, industry practitioner or professional.

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