• Published Date: 29 Apr 2022

    HDB's Reply


    Longer wait due to Covid-19 disruptions
    Date: 29 Apr 2022

    We refer to Ms Chiu Mung Hing's letter, "Waiting months for ceiling repair" (April 22).

    Ms Chiu contacted HDB about stain marks and peeling paint on the ceiling of her master bedroom toilet on Jan 13. HDB visited her flat on the same day to investigate. As there was no sign of water leakage, and the existing paint had delaminated over time, we advised her to maintain the ceiling by applying a fresh coat of paint, which she arranged for her own contractor to do.

    In end-January, Ms Chiu contacted HDB to report a leak in her ceiling. Our inspection on the same day found slight dampness in the ceiling near the sanitary pipe.

    HDB visited the upper-floor unit on Feb 7, and found that an existing air-conditioner discharge pipe was not fully extended to the gully, possibly resulting in the dampness in Ms Chiu's ceiling.

    At our advice, the upper-floor neighbour promptly extended the air-con discharge pipe to the nearest gully in his toilet.

    In end-February, Ms Chiu reported that the leak had recurred. After checking both flats, we established that the flooring of the upper-floor neighbour could have deteriorated over time and caused the dampness on the ceiling.

    In such cases, the responsibility for repairs is shared jointly between the upper- and lower-floor flat owners.

    To facilitate flat owners in carrying out the repairs, HDB provides assistance under the Goodwill Repair Assistance (GRA) scheme, where HDB co-pays the repair cost with the upper- and lower-floor flat owners. This was offered, and the repair date was fixed for June 3.

    Due to the disruptions and industrywide shortage of construction workers arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, the waiting time to carry out GRA repair works has increased from one to two months to about three to six months.

    As the situation stabilises, HDB is progressively resuming the pace of GRA repair works. Should earlier slots become available, we will update Ms Chiu and her upper-floor neighbour.

    We recognise that the delay may cause inconvenience to flat owners, and we seek their understanding and patience. We will continue to do our best to help residents, including prioritising any urgent or critical works to be done as quickly as possible.

    Michelle Ng Chwee Geok
    Director (Housing Maintenance)
    Housing & Development Board



    Letter to The Straits Times


    Waiting months for ceiling repair
    Date: 22 Apr 2022

    From: Chiu Mung Hing

    Water was leaking from the ceiling of my master bedroom toilet. I informed HDB on Jan 13 about the leak and was told only repainting was needed. The repainting was done on Jan 26 and water started dripping again on Jan 28. Many phone calls, complaints and even talks with my MP followed.

    I was finally given a June 3 date for the repair. For now, dirty yellow water keeps dripping from the ceiling. Is it a norm for HDB to take half a year to do any repair?