Home Improvement Programme (HIP)

The HIP helps you resolve common maintenance problems of ageing flats such as spalling concrete. HIP works are carried out in a systematic and comprehensive way to minimise inconvenience to you.

What is the HIP?

The HIP was introduced in 2007. At that time, flats built up to 1986, and had not undergone the Main Upgrading Programme were eligible for the HIP. In August 2018, the HIP was extended to include flats built between 1987 and 1997.

Scope of works

The HIP comprises 3 components – Essential, Optional and Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) Improvements. If your block votes in favour of the HIP, you will enjoy Essential Improvements that are important for public health and safety. At the same time, you can opt for Optional and EASE improvements.

Essential improvements

These compulsory improvements are considered necessary for public health, safety, and for technical reasons. They include:

  • Repair spalling concrete/ structural cracks
  • Replace waste / soil discharge stacks
  • (The pipes will be changed if they are cast iron, mixture of cast iron and UPVC, or if they are UPVC and there are leaks and cracks.)
  • Replace pipe sockets with new clothes drying rack
  • Upgrade electrical load
  • (This will be carried out after the completion of HIP works, if necessary.)

Optional improvements

You may choose any of the improvements below and pay for only your share of the improvement works carried out in your flat.

  • Package to upgrade existing toilet(s)/ bathroom(s)*
  • New entrance door**
  • New grille gate
  • New refuse chute hopper, where applicable

* Your toilets must pass a water test for leaks to prevent ceiling leaks in the flat below, if you decide to opt out of the optional toilet upgrading.
** HDB will first determine whether your flat requires a fire-rated or non-fire rated main door, based on SCDF’s Fire Code. If your flat requires a fire-rated door, you can opt for the fire-rated door. A home fire alarm device (HFAD) will also be installed as part of this fire safety work. If your flat does not require a fire-rated door, you can opt for the non-fire-rated door offered under HIP.

Since 2020, we have refreshed the HIP package to include more contemporary and better quality improvement items. These new fittings and finishes apply to HIP projects polling after 30 March 2020:

Improvement Item  Features
External retractable clothes drying rack, where technically feasible

Six horizontal stainless steel poles, which can be extended and retracted within the frame of the rack

Take a look at the instructions for the use of the external retractable clothes drying rack or watch how it works, and how you can maintain it.

Toilet/ Bathroom upgrade                                      

Larger wall/ floor tiles

Better quality sanitary fittings

Entrance door and gate

Decorative timber door or laminated timber door, with enhanced resistance against scratches


Wrought iron grill gate or mild steel entrance gate with interior thumb-turn knob

Take a look at this video to see how the HIP is carried out, and hear from residents who have benefitted from this programme.

Enhancement for Active Seniors (EASE) Improvements

To enhance the safety and comfort of seniors living in HDB flats, we have introduced EASE as an optional improvement. You may choose any of the following items based on your needs:

  • Slip-resistant treatment to floor tiles of 2 toilets/ bathrooms
  • Grab bars (available in white or reddish brown) in 2 toilets/ bathrooms
  • Ramps to navigate level differences in the flat and at the main entrance, where technically feasible [Ramp at the main entrance will be offered for entrances with single-step ramp, portable ramp or customised ramp for multi-step main entrance, and if technically feasible, for e.g., no space constraints or compliance to authorities’ requirements].

EASE (Direct Application)

You can still enjoy the benefits of EASE if you wish to have the improvements before the HIP, or if your blocks do not qualify for the HIP, and the programme is offered to all HDB flats in all towns.

Find out more about EASE (Direct Application) or view this video for more information on EASE improvements.

Duration of work

The time required for HIP to be completed for a typical precinct (comprising 8 to 10 blocks) will take about 1.5 to 2 years. Works in each flat will take 10 working days or less, depending on the improvements chosen.

Polling requirements

The HIP will only proceed if at least 75% of a block’s eligible Singapore Citizen households have voted in favour of the HIP. Singapore Permanent Resident households are not eligible to poll.

Precinct working committee

In each HIP precinct, a working committee, chaired by the Adviser to the Grassroots Organisation will be formed. The committee comprises representatives from the residents, grassroots leaders, HDB officials, and Town Council officials. HDB will work with the working committee to implement the HIP.

Find out more about HIP in our HIP Guide.

Cost and subsidy

These are the payment schemes for Singapore Citizen and Singapore Permanent Resident households.

Singapore Citizen households

The Government fully funds the essential improvements and subsidises a major portion of the optional improvements. These are the cost-sharing ratios and estimated amounts payable:

Flat Type

1/ 2/ 3-Room




Cost-sharing ratio





Amount payable*
(Full optional improvement package with fire-rated main door & home fire alarm device)





 Amount payable*
(Full optional improvement package with non-fire-rated main door)

 $545 $817.50 $1,090 $1,362.50
* For HIP projects polling after 30 March 2020.All amounts stated are estimates and are subject to GST. The final amount will be determined only upon completion of the upgrading works.

Similarly, EASE is highly subsidised by the Government. If a resident selects all the EASE items, the cost would be about:

  • $2,500 (with single-step ramp at main entrance)
  • $2,940 (with portable ramp at main entrance)
  • $3,840 (with customised ramp at main entrance
As the Government subsidises up to 95% of the cost, Singapore Citizens would only need to pay from $125 to $480, depending on their flat type, as shown below:

Flat Type

1/ 2/ 3-Room




Cost-sharing ratio  5% 7.5%  10% 12.5%
 Amount Payable*
(Full EASE package with single-step ramp)
 $125  $187.50 $250 $312.50
Amount Payable*
(Full EASE package with portable ramp) 
 $147  $220.50 $294 $367.50
 Amount Payable*
(Full EASE package with customised ramp)
 $192 $288  $384 $480
* Maximum amount if all the items are opted for. All amounts stated are estimates and are subject to GST. The final amount will be determined only upon completion of the upgrading works.

For elderly residents living in HDB rental flats, the improvement items will be fully funded by the Government.

You can use our HIP with EASE Financial Calculator to calculate the upgrading cost payable and monthly instalments.

Singapore Permanent Resident households

Singapore Permanent Resident households have to pay the full upgrading cost. For optional and EASE improvements, they need not pay for items that they have opted out of.

However, they can be reimbursed with the upgrading subsidy and convert their interest scheme from market interest rate to a concessionary interest rate if a flat owner obtains Singapore citizenship within 1 year from the date of billing under these schemes:

Find out more details about the HIP for your precinct.

Upcoming polling

See which precincts have been shortlisted for the HIP polling.

There is no upgrading polling for the month. 

Polling results

The polling results determine whether a shortlisted precinct will undergo the HIP.

Scheduled billing dates

See which precincts have been scheduled for billing.

You can subscribe to our eAlert service to receive email notifications when a newly upgraded precinct is scheduled for billing. For precincts that are still undergoing upgrading, billing is not expected to take place within the next 3 months (subject to change).

These precincts are scheduled for billing in the coming months:



Branch In Charge

Date of Billing

Blk 7 & 8 Kim Tian Place Bt Merah 20 Jun 2022
Blk 101 - 108 Serangoon Nth Ave 1 Bishan 20 Jun 2022
Blk 351 - 357 Hougang Ave 7 Hougang 20 Jun 2022
Blk 20 & 21 Holland Dr Clementi 20 Jun 2022
Blk 642 -  647, 645A & 650 - 661 Yishun Ave 4/ St 61  Yishun 20 Jun 2022
Blk 119 - 132 Bukit Batok Central/ West Ave 6   Bukit Batok 20 Jul 2022
Blk 247 - 254 Hougang Ave 3 Hougang  20 Jul 2022
Blk 121 - 138 Potong Pasir Ave 1/ 3  Toa Payoh 20 Aug 2022
Blk 133 - 149 Bukit Batok St 11/ West Ave 6 Bukit Batok 20 Aug 2022
Blk 212 - 221 Bukit Batok St 21/ East Ave 3  Bukit Batok 20 Aug 2022
Blk 111 - 118 Bukit Batok West Ave 6 Bukit Batok 20 Aug 2022
Blk 702, 704, 705, 709, 710, 713, 714, 716, 720 - 722, 725 & 727 - 729 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6/ 8 Ang Mo Kio

20 Aug 2022


Blk 86 Redhill Close Bukit Merah 20 Aug 2022
Blk 161, 164 & 165 Bukit Merah Central Bukit Merah 20 Aug 2022
Blk 108 & 109 Jln Bukit Merah Bukit Merah 20 Sep 2022
Blk 101 - 109 Bedok Reservoir Road Bedok 20 Sep 2022
Blk 218 - 222 Serangoon Ave 4 Bishan 20 Sep 2022
Blk 51 - 54 Kent Road Toa Payoh  20 Sep 2022
Blk 681 - 685 Race Course/Tessensohn Road Toa Payoh 20 Sep 2022
Blk 43 - 54 Teban Gardens Road Clementi  20 Sep 2022
Blk 518 - 527 Jurong West St 52 Jurong West 20 Sep 2022
Blk 401 - 416 Pandan Gardens Clementi 20 Sep 2022
Blk 419 - 426 Bukit Batok West Ave 2  Bukit Batok 20 Oct 2022
Blk 523 - 533 Hougang Ave 6 Hougang 20 Oct 2022
Blk 110 - 121 Bedok Reservoir Road Bedok  20 Oct 2022

 Blk 510 - 517, 520 - 522, 804, 806, 809 & 811 Hougang Ave 6 / 10 /Central

Hougang  20 Oct 2022


You will only need to pay the upgradng cost after the upgrading works in the precinct are completed and if you are the flat owner at the date of billing. Billing will only occur after the upgrading costs for the precinct and the flat owners' share of the upgrading costs are finalised.

The images in the information provided herein are for illustrative purposes and the actual improvements (including the colour, type, design, dimensions and specifications of the actual improvements) installed may differ from the improvements shown in the images in the information provided herein.

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For more information on the HIP works after a successful poll, you can refer to our HIP information booklet.