Live Connected

We will offer more opportunities for residents to connect with each other and involve the community to shape and activate neighbourhood spaces. We are also carrying out behavioural studies to better understand residents’ needs, as we plan and design public spaces in our towns.

Our Town, Our Living Room

A variety of community spaces and facilities in our towns serve as an extension of residents’ living rooms, with opportunities to bond, interact and meet with their neighbours.

Making Places and Memories together

We empower our residents to co-create and co-design proposals, and lead community initiatives that they would like to see in their towns! This is done through our Lively Places Programme, and our Remaking Our Heartland engagement efforts.

We are also piloting ‘White Spaces’ in new BTO developments like SkyResidence@Dawson. These are common areas that are set aside specially for resident to jointly create their preferred social spaces and facilities.

Nurturing the Kampung Spirit

Technology can help make information on public spaces and community events more easily available to our residents, such as through the use of smart applications.