Costa Grove

Launched in August 2020, Costa Grove is a BTO development in Pasir Ris town. It is adjacent to Sungei Api Api, which has mangrove habitats.

Residents will get to enjoy the riverine landscapes and shared facilities that are inspired by nature, such as mangrove creature-themed playgrounds. This design also contributes to the ecosystem services indicated.

(1) Landscape Zoning and Wayfinding

The large precinct will be divided into zones and assigned mangrove creature-inspired symbols and distinct colours to help residents navigate with ease. For example, the symbols and colours will be used to inform the design of spaces like the Community Living Rooms, and add character to void decks.


Coastal Zone

A bird-watching terrace overlooking Pasir Ris Park allows residents to quietly observe birds. Cool-coloured coastal plants is a feature of the Coastal Zone.


Mangrove Flora Zone

Paving and landscape structures in warm colours with red feature planting evoke a sense of warmth in the Mangrove Flora Zone.

(2) Forest Walk

Existing riverine mangrove forest trees that are home to birds and butterflies have been conserved in the Forest Walk. Residents can enjoy a delightful stroll amidst the lush vegetation and see nature up close!

(3) Thematic Play

Play in unique playgrounds featuring local coastal mangrove creatures, such as mud lobsters and mudskippers.

(4) Increasing Fitness Opportunities

Residents can also try out the various running circuits and exercise equipment, which cater to different runners, from beginners to long-distance joggers.