Car Park Signboards

When you park your vehicle at any HDB car park, please read the car park’s main signboard carefully, and look out for other parking restrictions within the car park. The main signboard is located at the entrance of each car park, and contains the following information:

  • Managing Branch code and unique car park number (The first two alphabets indicate the Branch code, followed by the car park number. For example, for car park UWJ88M, UW indicates the Branch code and J88M indicates the car park number).
  • Types of parking schemes available (Coupon Parking or Electronic Parking)
  • Types of vehicles which you can park there
  • Parking charges
  • Parking hours for various schemes
  • Availability of Night Parking facility
  • Timing for parking on Sundays and Public Holidays

Below are some pictures of the main signboards found in HDB car parks: