Live Well

HDB aims to implement targeted solutions that will bring about positive well-being outcomes so that residents can have the opportunity to lead healthy lifestyles, keep active minds, and build strong bonds with the community.

To achieve this, we adopt 3 overarching strategies to inform the planning and design of our towns and estates. These include a new Well-being framework to create ‘Healthy Towns for All Ages’, the Biophilic Town Framework to harness the intrinsic benefits of nature, and Town Design Guides that were developed to create distinctive identities for our towns.

Well-Being Framework

WellBeing FrameworkWellBeing Framework

Adopting a people-centric perspective, this framework considers residents’ needs holistically to enhance well-being in 3 ways.

Biophilic Town Framework

Our Biophilic Town Framework guides the design of the landscapes in our neighbourhoods. With design strategies covering the 5 key elements of Soil, Water, Flora and Fauna, Outdoor Comfort, and People, the framework aims to create a sustainable, resilient and pleasant environment that is in harmony with nature. Check out how these features will be incorporated in the following developments.

Well-Loved Towns

We will plan and develop new areas to provide great living environments, enhance mobility options with pleasant and safe streetscapes to allow convenient access for all. We seek to preserve the distinctiveness of our towns by ensuring a coherent design and identity, even as it undergoes enhancement and rejuvenation. Find out more below.