Changes and Cancellation

Here is what you need to know if you want to cancel or make changes to your flat application under the Public Rental Scheme. Also find out how you can avoid having your application cancelled after you have selected a flat.

Before flat selection

If you would like to cancel your application before selecting a flat, you can visit us at the HDB Rental Housing counter at Atrium Level 3, HDB Hub.

After flat selection

You are not allowed to make changes to the application after selecting a flat.

Each applicant will be given 2 opportunities to select a flat.

If this is your 2nd selection (final offer), the application will be cancelled if you:

  • Fail to sign the tenancy agreement
  • Fail to pay the requisite fees and costs on or before the stipulated date as stated in our written notice

If the application is cancelled at the final offer, you and the others listed in the application will be disqualified from renting an HDB flat for a year from the date of cancellation.