Cool Ideas Enterprise

1. What is Cool Ideas Enterprise?

Cool Ideas Enterprise is an open innovation platform for innovators to co-develop solutions that improve the living environment and residents' quality of life.


2. Who are we looking for?

Aspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises who are ready to implement and commercialise their solutions, including:
a) Start-ups and SMEs with existing technology that can be modified for use in public housing estates
b) Innovators with near-ready solutions to be test-bedded, validated, and implemented by HDB

3. What is in it for you?

You will be able to tap on HDB’s resources, such as:
• Co-working spaces
• Mentorship in technical and regulatory fields
• Funding support for development by Enterprise Singapore
• Access to various testbed sites at HDB’s Centre of Building Research


4. Timeline


After successful testing, you may have the opportunity to pilot your solutions in HDB estates such as Punggol, Yuhua, and Tengah.


5. Challenges


Open Category

Challenge Statements Category

Challenges to Address

Proposals should address any of the 5 domains

Proposals should respond to the challenge statements below, which fall under the 5 domains of the Open Category


Proposals can be submitted at any time

Proposals are to be submitted by 28 February 2019








6. Funding

Successful applicants can receive funding support of up to 70% of the development cost, including:
• Manpower-related costs
• Materials and consumables
• Technical support services
• Prototyping services
• IP acquisition fees
• Professional Services

7. Sharing of Proposals

You can submit your proposal or queries to

Proposals should include:
• Company/ Applicant’s details
• Proposed solutions/ technologies for evaluation
• Estimated budget breakdown



How can we reduce energy consumption or increase clean energy generation?


Challenge Statement: Reduce energy consumption through mobile apps

Find out more about our existing energy conservation efforts in HDB estates.

Urban Greenery

How can we introduce more urban greenery while reducing its maintenance needs?


Challenge Statement: Enhance the effectiveness of tree management solutions

Find out more about the greening solutions that have already been implemented in HDB estates.

Living Environment

How can we reduce noise and air pollution for a more pleasant living environment?


Challenge Statement: Reduce environmental noise levels in HDB estates

Find out more about our existing efforts to improve the living environment and encourage green commuting in HDB estates.

Waste & Water

How can we further reduce water consumption or improve our waste management?


Challenge Statement: Increase recycling rates in HDB estates

Find out more about how water conservation and waste management are currently being carried out in HDB estates.

Building Technology

How can we reduce reliance on manpower and improve safety for workers?


Challenge Statement: Increase productivity levels at construction sites

Find out more about HDB’s on-going efforts to improve productivity at construction sites.