Design Features for New Flats

We design flats to be functional and comfortable, for different housing needs and budgets.

To get a feel of what your flat could be like and learn more about the various design features in your home, view our show flats at the My Nice Home Gallery.

Enabling holistic home comforts through Universal Design (UD)

We design your block and precinct to be comfortable, accessible, and welcoming, by applying UD features. Your home environment should cater to your living needs, both now and in the future.

Our UD approach makes for everyday ease

UD as a concept aims to enable an environment that is user-friendly to all, which is especially important in Singapore considering the ageing population. It also helps those with physical disabilities to enjoy a better quality of life. UD thinking and features have been incorporated into the design of our projects since 2006.

UD in your precinct

Getting around your precinct is made easier with these features:

  • Barrier-free routes that seamlessly link up blocks, major activity nodes, and amenities, such as bus-stops and pedestrian crossings
  • Ramps to easily negotiate level differences, which are as convenient to the traveller with luggage as they are to those with disabilities
  • Drop-off porches
  • Seats
  • Handicapped parking lots
  • 3-generation fitness and play facilities, such as a playground for children of various ages and adult fitness stations for both the young and seniors
  • Link bridges that connect the multi-storey car park roof garden and residential blocks, where applicable

UD in your block

These conveniences help create a more comfortable living environment:

  • Barrier-free access to every floor where possible
  • Community spaces and seats at the void deck and lift lobbies for bonding with neighbours or resting
  • Porches at block entrance for a welcoming ambience
  • Lift buttons in contrasting colours for better visibility, together with Braille markings
  • Easy-to-understand pictograms for clear communications

UD in your home

We have introduced a series of user-friendly fittings and finishes to new flats over the years, such as:

  • Low height windows to enhance view and natural light
  • A large eye-viewer at the main entrance door
  • Ramp at the main entrance for easy access
  • Wider internal corridors and doorways to facilitate wheelchair, and a wheelchair-accessible common bathroom
  • Floor layouts that can cater to simple adaptations, such as the installation of grab bars in the bathroom
  • Lever taps and door handles
  • Rocker switches mounted at a lower height
  • Adjustable shower head in the bathrooms
  • Safer clothes drying systems
  • Improved internal clothes drying rack with lower height and pulley system for easier usage