Parking@HDB FAQs

How does Parking@HDB work?
Parking@HDB allows you to pay short-term parking charges through your mobile device at HDB car parks automatically. You just need to create an account for your vehicle, add your credit or debit card and start parking. You do not need to manually start or end any parking sessions as your vehicle will be recognized automatically by the cameras when you enter and exit the car parks. Totally hands-free!
Do I have to start and end a parking session?
Nope, you do not need to manually start or end any parking session. Your parking session will begin automatically when you enter the car park Your vehicle number will be recognized by the cameras that are equipped with Licence Plate Recognition technology. Simpy Park and Go!
How are the parking charges computed?
Your parking charges are computed based on the actual parking duration, just as how it is done currently. 
What happens if I forget to bring my phone, my phone battery goes dead, or if I have no network coverage?
Parking charges will still be deducted automatically as Parking@HDB is an account-based app. As long as your vehicle number is detected by the cameras when you enter and leave the car park, your parking charges will be deducted via the registered payment method in the app based on your actual parking duration.
What happens if I key in my vehicle details wrongly?
You are strongly encouraged to add your vehicle number(s) via Singpass, which allows automatic retrieval of information on the vehicles you own. If you have keyed in the incorrect vehicle details, you may contact us at
Will I get fined if I key in my vehicle and parking details wrongly?
As the vehicle details were incorrect, we will not be able to deduct the parking charges. We will first notify you to post-pay for the unpaid parking session, and advise you to update your vehicle details.
Will there still be a 15-minute grace period after I enter the car park?
Yes, this remains the same for car parks that offer the grace period. 
I own/drive multiple vehicles. Can the app allow me to save all my vehicles?
Yes, you can register all the vehicles you own when you log in with Singpass. For manual registration, you can only register one vehicle currently.
Can I view my parking history?
Yes, you can view your parking history by accessing the Parking History page.



Why am I receiving a SMS notification from my credit card or bank a few days after my parking sessions?
We are grouping multiple charges together, so that there will be fewer credit card charges reflected on your statement. Some users may receive an additional SMS notification from your banks about the final “grouped” charge a few days after the first parking session.
How do I cross verify my parking sessions with my bank statement?
If you need to cross-verify your parking sessions with your bank statement, go to Parking History and click on each parking session, which will show you the status of the Bill ID.
Those sessions that are already grouped will have their own Bill ID, which you can cross reference with the Bill ID in your bank statement. Those that are yet to be grouped will be reflected as “Pending” or "Not Applicable".
How do I pay for my parking sessions?
If this is your first time using the app, you just need to create an account with your mobile number or email, retrieve your vehicle number via Singpass or enter your vehicle number manually, add your credit or debit card for automatic payment of your parking charges. Currently, only Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards are accepted.
Is it safe to store my credit card details in the app?
Your credit card details are not stored in the app. When you first enter your credit card details in the app, the payment information is instead saved with our secure payment provider. This allows you to continue paying for your parking charges without having to enter your credit card details again. Your details are kept safe even if your phone is compromised. 
Why is there no one-time password (OTP) activated for login since it involves monetary transactions?
As the app does not store users’ credit card information, to require a one-time password verification for every transaction will affect the user experience. Hence, we have not included this function.
How does the Outstanding Parking Fees e-Service work?
The Outstanding Parking Fees E-service is provided for motorists to make payment for outstanding parking charges incurred at car parks implemented with the Parking@HDB system. You may check if you have outstanding parking charges via the e-Service by searching for your vehicle number and making the payment through PayNow. You may follow the instructions in this step-by-step guide.
How can I set up automatic payment for parking charges incurred at Parking@HDB car parks?
If you have yet to register your vehicle with the Parking@HDB app, you can download the Parking@HDB app to enable automatic payment of your subsequent parking charges. Please follow the steps below to download the application and complete a one-time registration for your vehicle to enjoy automatic payment:


i) Go to Apple Store or Google Play Store and download the Parking@HDB app;

ii) Click ‘Register’ to create your account with your Mobile Number;

iii) Add your vehicle via Singpass (highly recommended if you are the registered owner of your vehicle) or add your vehicle manually;

iv) Complete the registration by adding your payment details.


I have a Class 1 disability label. Can the app give me the first hour free?
Yes, you can still enjoy your first hour of parking for free, which is the same as current practice. 
Are foreign vehicles allowed to park using the app?
Yes, all vehicles including foreign vehicles can park using the app.
Why does the IU beep when I pass by the gantry?
The system is reading your IU. There would not be deduction of charges via the IU and cash card if you are paying via your credit or debit card in the app. 
Who can I contact if I have other enquiries or feedback?
You may email your enquiries or feedback to