Terms & Conditions

Here are the terms and conditions you need to be aware of before you rent out your shop.

Rental shops

You can rent out up to 50% of the trading area or living quarters. From 16 October 2013, each shop is limited to 1 subtenant. We will consider your application if:

  • You have fulfilled conditions in the Tenancy Agreement during your existing term of tenancy with us
  • There are no outstanding arrears payable to us
  • You are not a bankrupt
  • The subtenant’s proposed trade is an allowable trade and is operated within the premises

Length of tenancy

You may opt for a fresh 1-, 2-, or 3-year term while applying to rent out the trading area of the premises.

Rental rates

For a fresh term tenancy, the proposed rent will be revised to match prevailing market rent or remain unchanged, whichever is higher.

For the balance term tenancy, the proposed rent will remain unchanged.

Sold shops

You do not require our prior consent to rent out your whole shop or part of your shop trading area for retail or service trades that do not involve any change of use. You are encouraged to update the trade details in RetailerLink, and this will be reflected on our Where2Shop online business directory, where the public can obtain information on the variety of goods and services provided in our HDB shops.

You have to fulfil all the terms in the Agreement for Lease, Lease, and Memorandum of Lease and Draft Lease. You also need to obtain all necessary approvals from the relevant authorities before starting business operations at the unit.

You are also not allowed to use more than the existing approved electrical load for the operations at both the trading area and living quarters. However, you can apply to us for use of higher electrical load, subject to availability.

Please obtain approval for renovation works before carrying out any alteration or addition works to the premises. Under the statutory regulations of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD), you have to engage a Qualified Person to submit Addition & Alteration Works as Building Plans via the CORENET e-Submission System. For more details, please refer to the BCA and FSSD websites.

You or your tenant can only operate the business within the shop premises and ensure there is no obstruction at the common area, including placing of merchandise goods and items.