Application and Selection Process

How do I apply and when is the application period?

You can submit your application for the HDB Undergraduate and Specialist Scholarships via the Brightsparks portal from the day the ‘A’ Level results are released.

For the HDB Mid-Term Undergraduate and Specialist Scholarships, applications can be submitted anytime throughout the year.

What is the selection process like?

The HDB Undergraduate and Specialist Scholarship selection process comprises selection interviews, psychometric tests and an activity-based assessment, as illustrated below. 

scholarships faq flow chart

How many scholarships do we offer each year?

There is no quota on the number of undergraduate and specialist scholarships we offer each year. The number awarded depends on the calibre of applicants. 

Courses and Universities

What are the approved universities that I should apply to?

You should apply to reputable universities that are higher-ranked/ well-recognised for the field of study you intend to pursue.

What courses are supported by HDB?

HDB supports a wide range of courses that meet our organisational needs. View the range of related disciplines.

Can I pursue a double degree/ direct masters degree?

Yes, we do consider applications to pursue a double degree/ direct masters degree under the HDB Undergraduate Scholarship/ Specialist Scholarship.

Do I have to secure a place in the university before I apply for the scholarship/ specialist scholarship?

No, you can apply for the scholarship/ specialist scholarship concurrently with your application to the universities. We will discuss your options for the course of study and university during the interviews.

Vacation Attachment

Are there opportunities for vacation attachment?

Our scholars will be attached to HDB for an 8- to 12-week structured attachment programme where they will be exposed to the different facets of HDB’s operations. They will also participate in an induction programme with site visits to prominent HDB developments and have the opportunity to meet and mingle with our Management.

Value of the HDB Scholarship

What does the HDB Scholarship cover?

The HDB Overseas Scholarship covers tuition and other compulsory fees, overseas allowances such as maintenance, warm clothing, books, and settling-in allowances, return economy airfare and opportunity for sponsorship for approved student exchange programmes.

The HDB Local Scholarship covers tuition and other compulsory fees, maintenance, books and hostel allowances, and opportunity for sponsorship for approved student exchange programmes. 

Value of the HDB Specialist Scholarship

What does the HDB Specialist Scholarship cover?

  • Annual allowance of $25,000


Career with HDB

What are the career opportunities available for scholars after their studies?

HDB offers a wide range of career opportunities. Upon graduation, scholars will be posted to an area of work that is relevant to their course of study. Find out more about the career opportunities in HDB.

Are there opportunities for job rotation?

Yes, there are opportunities for rotation to both operational and policy areas of work. For Architects and Engineers, there are various roles that they can undertake in the Building Groups. These range from project management, infrastructure, and reclamation works, to research and development. We also undertake design consultancy for projects, where there are opportunities to test-bed new and innovative strategies for sustainable building designs.