Lock Hong Quan

Lock Hong Quan
Senior Estate Manager
Estate Administration & Property Group

Master of Philosophy in Economics, University of Cambridge
Philosophy, Politics & Economics, University of Oxford

I am a market analyst at HDB, which is an exciting and dynamic role for any aspiring economist or statistician. For example, we leverage technology in machine learning, public polling and econometrics to understand trends and movements related to the public housing market. We also build simulation models to estimate the potential impact of proposed policy changes under different scenarios. Our work adds quantitative rigour to the policy formulation process at HDB. At a very early stage of your career, you will already have many opportunities to review and develop national housing policies.


As part of your career development as an HDB scholar, you will be given opportunities to be rotated across different work areas. I was previously attached to an HDB Branch and was exposed to a wide spectrum of work, such as optimising the distribution of parking lots in the estate, and overseeing the installation of elder-friendly facilities in the flats of elderly residents. Being able to directly impact and better the lives of our residents gave me immense satisfaction in my time at the Branch. My ground experience has also been beneficial in my current role as a market analyst, allowing me to better understand the housing needs and preferences of our citizens.


If you are looking for a meaningful career, come join us in shaping our housing estates into harmonious and lively communities!