Prototype Unit Plan (PUP) Guide

Using the PUP Guide, floor plans with functional spatial quality can be designed in less time. The designs would also be optimised for precast planking, minimising the need for formwork during construction. Facades of adjacent pairs of rooms are designed as one building component, where possible, for faster hoisting. Standardized bathroom units improves coordination and integration between structural, mechanical and architectural works. It also facilitates the implementation of prefabricated bathroom units.

Structural Elements

The precast components in HDB Precast Building System are grouped into three categories. In category 1, the components have the same dimensions across all projects. In category 2, the components have variations in width or length depending on the unit layout. To allow more design flexibility, the component design in category 3 can be project specific. However, there must be enough repetitions to increase the site's productivity level.



Architectural Elements

HDB has a guide for standard design and detailing of common architectural elements such as linkways design, doors, windows, etc. These are based on good practices, detailing, methods and processes, to yield quality products.