Material Technology

Flooring Systems

Vinyl Strip Flooring is a pre-finished flooring with a timber look, and is used to replace bedroom floor tiles. Compared to floor tiles, it is easier and faster to install, has better slip resistance, and is more comfortable to walk on. These advantages are beneficial to all residents, in particular the children and elderly.


Floor Skirting

Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) skirting has been introduced for all HDB projects launched since November 2015. Compared to timber, it provides a more consistent colour and has no joint, since the skirting is installed in one full piece.


Internal Doors

HDB has also introduced the use of  laminated UPVC doors with integrated architrave from January 2017. It is more aesthetically pleasing and comprises fewer components, which makes it faster and easier to install.


Wall Systems

Drywall is now used as bedroom partition walls, whereas Lightweight Precast Concrete Panel (LPCP) is used in wet areas, such as the kitchen and toilets. Both facilitate easy installation and are less labour-intensive as compared to bricks/ blocks.