Rustic Route

An idyllic and leisure route for families and cyclists, the Rustic Route provides the ideal spot to watch the sunrise. Photography enthusiasts, here is your opportunity to snap away.

The route is approximately 3km and a leisure walk around the full loop takes about 2 hours. Here are the key landmarks: Sunrise Gateway > Sunrise Bridge > Wave Bridge > Sunrise Gateway.

Distance information

Walking Distance: 1500 m

Time: 22 mins

R9: Sunrise Gateway/ Sunrise Bridge

The eastern part of My Waterway@Punggol boasts a rural landscape theme. With green and rustic tones, it draws reference to Punggol’s charm as a fishing village in the past. Landmarks along the rustic zone include the Sunrise Bridge. This horseshoe-inspired footbridge presents an ideal spot for residents to watch the sunrise.

Another key unique feature is the introduction of freshwater-tolerant mangroves and wetland plant species. This mitigates the decline in total mangrove coverage caused by the effects of urbanisation.

Sunrise Gateway is approximately 15mins walk from Riviera LRT Station.



R10: Wave Bridge

The Wave Bridge connects the promenade with future public housing development coming up along its both sides. Wave-like railing designs are incorporated to complement the waterway.