Explorer Route

If you would like to explore Punggol Waterway in its entirety, get on an adventure by embarking on the Explorer Route!

The route is approximately 8.4km and a leisure walk around the full loop takes half a day.


explorer route

Distance information

Walking Distance: 350 m

Time: 5 mins



E1: Kelong Bridge

The Kelong Bridge captures the idyllic mood of old Punggol and its fishing villages. Following the alignment of the old Punggol Road, the bridge leads to a heritage trail. This footbridge is located in the heritage zone of the Punggol Waterway Park. With a stilts-and-posts wooden design element, you will be reminded of Punggol’s beginnings as they journey across the bridge.

Kelong Bridge is approximately a 5-minute walk away from Damai LRT Station.



E2: Boardwalk@Watersports Promenade

The boardwalk stretches into the waterway, bringing you closer to the waters.



E3: Adventure Bridge

The Adventure Bridge resembles a wooden suspension bridge that blends with the natural park setting. From the bridge, you can enjoy the scenic view of the waterway, sand play area, and water play area.



E4: Punggol Waterway Park

With its many facilities, Punggol Waterway Park is a recreational and fun place for families. The water play and sand play areas are bound to keep children entertained!



E5: Water aeration and eco-drain

Water aeration and eco-drain are 2 features you can see along Punggol Waterway.

Numerous aerators are placed along the waterway to increase the oxygen level within the water. This supports a wide range of biodiversity among the fishes and aquatic plants.

In addition, eco-drains – a stormwater management feature, are built along both sides of the promenades to collect and cleanse surface runoff before they are discharged into the waterway.



E6: Heartwave Wall

Heartwave Wall is a 280m-long retaining wall along the promenade of Punggol Waterway. The heritage educational panels along the wall reflect Punggol’s transformation from a fishing village to a vibrant waterfront town of the future.



E7: Jewel Bridge

At the western mouth of the waterway lies the Jewel Bridge, a favourable location for park users to view the setting sun. This landmark’s highlight is the ‘jewel’ right in the centre of the bridge. Made of steel circular hollow sections, this jewel-like structure resembles a floating platform against the backdrop of a setting sun.



E8: Sunset Strip

At the west end of the Punggol Waterway, you can enjoy scenic sunset views against the evening sky.




E9: Look-Out Pavilion

Located within the town park, Look-Out Pavilion is the perfect place for photography enthusiasts to snap the scenic view of the Watersports Promenade and waterway.




E10: Heritage trail and old bus stop

This old trunk road is preserved for Singaporeans to relive a piece of history while enjoying the waterway. Visionary engineers, architects, and planners saw the potential of the old Punggol Road and took efforts to preserve it.

This landmark is designed to help you recollect Punggol’s heritage. Poles and stilts similar to those used in fishing villages are incorporated in the rustic footbridge design, linking it as part of the heritage trail leading towards Punggol Point.

The Kelong Bridge and heritage trail follow the original alignment of the old Punggol Road. Along the old Punggol Road, an old bus stop has been conserved. It acts as a sheltered rest stop and brings to mind old memories of Punggol.

To reach this landmark, walk across the waterway via the Kelong Bridge.



E11: Sunrise Gateway/ Sunrise Bridge

The eastern part of My Waterway@Punggol boasts a rural landscape theme. With green and rustic tones, it draws reference to Punggol’s charm as a fishing village in the past. Landmarks along the rustic zone include the Sunrise Bridge. This horseshoe-inspired footbridge presents an ideal spot for residents to watch the sunrise.

Another key unique feature is the introduction of freshwater-tolerant mangroves and wetland plant species. This mitigates the decline in total mangrove coverage caused by the effects of urbanisation.

Sunrise Gateway is approximately 15mins walk from Riviera LRT Station.





E12: Wave Bridge

The Wave Bridge connects the promenade with future public housing development coming up along its both sides. Wave-like railing designs are incorporated to complement the waterway.