Sinks and Wash Basins

Simple household repairs

Further guidelines

Find out how to fix sinks and wash basins that drain water out slowly and learn some handy maintenance tips.

  • Why this happens:
    • Choke in the bottle trap, i.e. below the basin/ sink
  • Solutions:
    • Unscrew the bottle trap in an anti-clockwise direction
    • Remove the solid material trapped inside the bottle trap
  • Maintenance tips:
    • Fit a strainer to prevent solid materials from being discharged into the waste pipes
    • Clear the bottle trap of waste materials

This is an example of a sink:


This is an example of a wash basin:

wash basin

Clear choked wash basin or kitchen sink

Here are some handy tips for some common problems with your sink or tap.

The common wash trap used for the wash basin and kitchen sink in HDB flats is the bottle trap. Chokes are caused by solid matter or hardened grease in the bottle trap. To clear the choke, you will need a wire hook or thin stick.

Here is how you can clear the choke:

  • Detach the lower section of the trap by twisting it open in an anti-clockwise direction


  • Remove the solid matter with a wire hook or thin stick. Flush with water to clear the remaining waste


  • Remove the cleaning eye cap if the obstruction is in the pipe


  • Use a wire hook or thin stick to remove the solid matter in the pipe


  • Screw the lower section of the trap back in position in a clockwise direction


Repair a leaking pillar tap

Learn about why your tap may leak and how to solve the problem.

pillar tap  

A tap usually leaks when the washer is worn out.

Here is how you can replace the washer:

  • Firstly, turn off the ball valve below the wash basin or stop cock located next to the water sub-meter in a clockwise direction to cut the water supply
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the plastic cap at the top of the tap and the screw


  • Remove the handle


  • Loosen the spindle by using a spanner in an anti-clockwise direction


  • Remove the spindle
  • Unscrew the nut at the bottom of the spindle. Remove the rubber washer that is worn out and replace it
  • Finally, re-assemble all the parts