Floor Traps

Your bathroom or kitchen floor trap may have a foul smell or water overflowing. See how you can solve these problem and learn some maintenance tips as well. 

This is an example of a floor trap grating:

floor trap grating

This is an example of floor trap:

floor trap

Water overflowing from a choked floor trap

  • Why this happens:
    • Solid matter and/or grease in the floor trap blocks the flow of water
  • Solution:
    • Remove the solid materials causing the choke. For serious cases, engage a licensed plumber to clear the choke
  • Maintenance tips:
    • To prevent chokes, close the grating to prevent particles such as hair and other solid materials from choking the floor trap. Avoid pouring cooking oil down the floor trap as well
    • To keep your bathroom and kitchen clean, clean them daily with diluted household bleach (1 part bleach mixed with 99 parts water)

Foul smell from floor trap

  • Why this happens:
    • Foreign particles are trapped in the floor trap
    • Toilet is not in use for a long period (e.g. on overseas holiday). This may cause the foul smell to break through the water seal level inside the floor trap
  • Solution:
    • Remove the foreign particles, then flush and clean the floor trap
    • Flush the toilet regularly
  • Maintenance tips:
    • Seal the floor trap cover temporarily when it is not in use for an extended period
    • Avoid pouring dirty liquid or oil down the floor trap
    • Install an anti-mosquito device at the floor trap