Bathroom Fittings

Find out how to solve common problems with your bathroom fittings, shower screen, and water regulator. We have also put together some maintenance tips to help you keep them in good condition.




Shower screen

Keep your shower screen in good condition with regular cleaning and replacement of sealant. You can also engage a contractor to replace any faulty parts.

Sealant joint turns yellowish/ black with water leakage through the joints


  • Why this happens:
    • Accumulation of dirt
    • Fungi growth
    • Loss of sealant adhesion
  • Solution:
    • Clear dirt regularly
    • Replace old sealant with a suitable one

Swing door panel cannot be closed properly

This is an example of pivot hinge:

pivot hinge

This is an example of butt hinge:

butt hinge

Sliding door panel is jammed or is difficult to open or close

This is an example of hanging roller:

hanging roller

This is an example of guiding track:

guiding track

  • Why this happens:
    • Hair and solid particles clog moving parts or guiding track at the base of the shower screen
    • Roller is loose or worn out
  • Solutions:
    • Remove hair and solid particles from moving parts or sliding track
    • Engage a contractor to replace the worn out parts

Maintenance tips

  • Avoid hanging heavy objects on door handles or tempered glass door/ panels
  • Avoid using excessive force on tempered glass door/ panels
  • Engage a contractor to dismantle, alter, or modify the tempered glass shower screen
  • Clean glass and sealant to prevent fungi growth
  • Remove dirt and solid particles trapped by the rollers and guiding track
  • Replace the sealant/ gasket when it is detached or torn 
  • Tighten the brackets and hinges when they become loose

Bathroom fittings

Learn how to fix bathroom fittings that appear tarnished or its surfaces seem corroded.

bathroom fittings

  • Why this happens:
    • Surface of the chrome fittings is dirty due to daily use
  • Solution:
    • Wash and clean bathroom fittings regularly with mild detergent
  • Maintenance tips:
    • Clean bathroom fittings regularly with mild detergent

Water regulator

Water regulators are provided in taps and shower systems at each bathroom tap to save water. With the prolonged usage of the taps or shower system, you may encounter slow water flow.

water regulator

water regulaor

water regulator

You can carry out maintenance by removing the water regulator from the spout of the taps and clean it using brush and water. The water flow can also be adjusted through the water-meter adjustment valve located in the service duct outside your flat.