Regular maintenance of the pipes running through your flat will ensure good and clean water flow.



Water pipes

The water pipes are part of the water supply system in your flat. It is essential to keep the system in good condition to ensure continuous flow of water.

  • What you may encounter:
    • Leaking of pipe joints
    • No water supply
    • Low water pressure
    • Slow flow of water
    • Vibrating sound
  • Why these happen:
    • Usage and deterioration over time or when hit by objects
    • Pipes are choked
    • Reticulation system’s booster pump is not working
    • Air locked in pipes
  • Solutions:
    • Engage a licensed plumber to carry out repairs where necessary
    • Inform the Town Council if there is low water pressure because of a malfunction in the booster pump
    • Remove air locked in pipes by turning on the tap for a while. This allows water to flow from the pipes and discharge the air
    • Shut the stopcock at the PUB water sub-meter to cut the water supply if there is a leakage
  • Maintenance tips:
    • Check the pipe fittings regularly to ensure that there are no leakages
    • Engage a licensed plumber to carry out repairs where necessary

Sanitary pipes

You need to maintain the sanitary branch pipes in your flats. The Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of the main sanitary pipes.

sanitary pipes

  • What you may encounter:
    • Leakage of sanitary pipes
    • Slow/ no discharge of waste water
  • Why these happen:
    • Wear and tear
    • Choke in floor trap because of solid waste accumulation
  • Solution:
    • Remove the solid waste causing the choke
  • Maintenance tips for proper discharge of waste water through the sanitary pipes:
    • Check pipe fittings regularly
    • Engage a plumber to carry out repairs where necessary