Northshore Plaza I & II

Located in the heart of Northshore District in Punggol Eco-Town, Northshore Plaza is the first seafront New Generation Neighbourhood Centre to be built in an HDB estate, offering residents a unique waterfront shopping experience. It houses a supermarket, food court, restaurants, eateries, shops, childcare centre, and enrichment centres.

Beyond commercial facilities, Northshore Plaza is also designed around a comprehensive network of community spaces and parks. The community spine seamlessly connects Northshore Plaza to the residential blocks and the Samudera LRT station. This naturally-ventilated corridor extends alongside the common green to Punggol Promenade, providing convenient and sheltered access to the waterfront.

Shops at Northshore Plaza I are opening progressively from 29 October 2021, while shops at Northshore Plaza II will open progressively from end January 2022.

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Getting There

Blocks 407 & 418, Northshore Drive, Singapore 820407 & 820418



Maintenance Matters

Contact Number: 6513-6146