Keeping Killer Litter Away

As a resident, you have the civic responsibility to ensure that you do not place or hang any object within or outside your flat in a way that poses a threat to safety. Find out the safety guidelines you should follow to prevent such accidents from happening, as penalties will be imposed if these guidelines are not met.



Do’s and Don’ts

Observe the do’s and don’ts listed below to play a part in keeping your neighbourhood safe from killer litter.

What you should do to make your estate a safer one

  • Remove objects that are placed in a hazardous manner and encourage or inform your neighbours to do the same
  • Educate your neighbours about the consequences of potential killer litter

What you should not do

  • Place objects on the ledges of windows/ balconies
  • Place objects, such as flower pots and clothes hanging racks, on the parapet walls of common corridors
  • Hang items above the parapet walls/ balconies
  • Throw objects from your flat or from the common areas
  • Tie/ hang objects, such as shopping trolleys and cooking woks, from the bamboo pole holders
  • Place objects in a manner that may endanger the safety of the general public
  • Place bamboo poles in a criss-cross manner 

Feedback on potential killer litter

If you see any potential killer litter placed in common areas, please call the Town Council managing your flat.

If you see any potential killer litter placed inside HDB flats (such as items placed precariously at air-con ledges, balconies), please call our Branch Service Line at 1800-225-5432.


The following are examples of what you should and should not do:



These are the penalties that will be imposed if you are caught placing objects in a hazardous manner or if you throw killer litter.

Penalty for placing objects in a hazardous manner

If you fail to remove objects that are placed in a hazardous manner, even after receiving a written notice from us, action can be taken against you.

If convicted, you are liable to a maximum fine of $2,000. If the object is not removed after the conviction, you will be liable to a further fine of $100 per day for as long as the offence continues.

Penalty for throwing objects

If you are convicted under the Penal Code for an offence relating to throwing of killer litter, you are liable to a maximum jail term of 5 years or a fine, or both.

If you are living in a rental flat, we may also compulsorily acquire your flat or terminate the tenancy.