Lively Places Fund and Challenge


Lively Places Fund

The Lively Places Fund encourages residents and stakeholders to initiate community-driven place-making projects that will help develop stronger place identity  in their neighbourhood. Find out more about the fund below!

For further enquiries, please email Mr Ian Pay at

Eligibility Criteria

Who can apply?

  • The Fund is open to all Singapore Citizens and permanent residents
  • Interested person(s) can sign up either as an individual or a team, with at least one applicant above 17 years old
  • Existing projects which are receiving other forms of funding from other agencies are not eligible for the Fund. For new projects, co-funding can be considered if the project meets the objectives of all agencies

  • Applicants whom have been awarded the fund previously would have to complete the project before they can apply for the Fund again
  • The Fund does not support projects that duplicate any existing programmes
  • The Fund does not support projects or studies undertaken prior to the funding approval

Fund Categories

What projects can be supported?

Projects that activate public spaces and streets to bring residents and stakeholders together, foster stronger bonds and promote a stronger sense of community.

Category Award Sum Description
Project fund Up to $5,000

This is for smaller, short-term action plans or activities to bond neighbours in HDB neighbourhoods.  

Some examples include block parties, anti littering campaign and community recycling day.

Building Fund

Up to $5,000

This is for projects that will involve a physical transformation of existing public spaces, with an implementation period of 6 months or less.

Some examples include community arts projects and short term pop-up installations to activate spaces.

Up to $20,000

This is for projects that will involve a physical transformation of existing public spaces, with an implementation period of more than 6 months.

Some examples include the conversion of void decks into community living room and community cafes as well as longer term pop-up installations to activate spaces.

Street Closure Up to $5,000

This is for short term projects that transform streets into active public spaces for the community.

The support provided will only be for road closure essentials consisting of safety barriers, signage and security personnel.


Fund Criteria

How can I qualify for the funding?

All proposals will be reviewed based on the following criteria: 

Criteria Description
Fund objective
  • The proposal brings communities together through activating and creating delightful public spaces
  • The proposal has clear objectives and demonstrates concrete steps to achieve its objectives
  • Commercial events are not supported
Level of neighbourhood involvement
  • The proposal must emphasise self-help, with project ideas initiated, planned, implemented and maintained by community members and stakeholders.
  • The applicant(s) must engage the community / stakeholders that will be impacted by their proposal.
  • The proposal is accessible by all members of the public.
Level of community match
  • The applicants must be able to generate enough community match of at least 30% of the amount of fund applied for
  • The match can be in the form of volunteering hours, professional servies, equipment or other materials or supplies such as food, tools, or furniture
  • For ease of implementation, we will value volunteering time at $25 per hour and professional services relevant to the project (e.g. software and app designers, project manager, etc) at $80 per hour
  • All donated materials and supplies (food, tools, etc) can be valued at their retail prices. Borrowed equipment can also be considered as part of the match, valued at a standard rental fee
  • The match cannot be funds sourced from other agencies
  • A detailed project budget and documentation of the community match, including fund raising plan, if applicable, shall be submitted at the stage of application
  • A log sheet documenting all the contributions made by the community will also have to be submitted at the end of the project
  • The team shall indicate the specific outcomes, both tangible and/or intangible results, that they are targeting to achieve; and how they will measure the project success


What are the eligible expenses?

  • Teams are not allowed to spend more than:
  1. 20% of the approved funds on prizes, cash vouchers and/or meals;
  2. 25% of the approved funds on manpower cost. (For Project Fund only)
  • The funding cannot be used for the following: 
  1. Any overseas project
  2. Hiring/ outsourcing the activities fully or partially to events companies 
  3. Event t-shirts
  4. Out-of-city travel expenses, or any lodging/hotel expenses, private transportation expenses including mileage, car rentals, etc
  • Disbursement is on a reimbursement basis and must be accompanied by corresponding receipts for supported items not later than 2 months after the completion of the project.
  • At completion, claims would only be processed after the submission of the log sheet documenting the level of community match which includes but is not limited to entries such as number of volunteer hours, contribution of equipment or other materials or supplies such as food, tools or furniture, including fund raising plan, if applicable.
  • For Street Closure projects, the above does not apply as support is only limited to the provision of road closure essentials.

Lively Places Challenge 2020

The 2020 edition of the Lively Places Challenge has concluded. Head on to the HDB Community Week 2021 digital exhibition to view the winning projects.

View winning projects from earlier editions of the Lively Places Challenge below.

Key Milestones of Lively Places Challenge 2020

Check out the journey as a participant!

HDB Lively Places Challenge 2020


Judging Criteria

Learn more about how the projects will be evaluated.

Projects that are fully implemented by 31 Mar 2021 will qualify to be evaluated for the winning prizes.

Qualifying projects will be assessed based on the following criteria:

a) Demonstration of efforts to engage residents and stakeholders, and incorporate their feedback into the project (30%);
b) Quality and quantity of contributions from the team in terms of volunteering hours and resources (30%);
c) Benefits to the community and the potential for them to be sustained over time (30%); and
d) Appeal and clarity of the materials presented for judging (10%)

Projects will be judged in either of the following two categories

(i) Category A - Projects that involve physical improvement works; and
(ii) Category B - Projects that are event-based.



Find out the attractive prizes to be won!

The top three winning teams from Category A will receive $2,500 per team. Three other teams from Group A will also stand to win a Merit Prize of $1,500 per team.
The top three winning teams from Category B will receive $2,000 per team. Three other teams from Group B will also stand to win a Merit Prize of $1,000 per team.

There are also five People’s Choice Awards, valued at $500 each.  Teams will be evaluated based on their social media engagement for this award.

All other participating teams will be awarded $200 per team and a certificate of achievement.  Additionally, all projects will be showcased at the HDB Community Week.


Winning Projects

2020 Edition

Head on to the HDB Community Week 2021 digital exhibition to view the winning projects. 


2019 Edition

Hydroponics Farm @ Woodlands Glen, by Team Hydroglen

Looking to draw young families in the area to participate in community activities, Team Hydroglen turned to community gardening – a popular activity with residents. Instead of the conventional community garden, they set up a high-tech, cleaner version – a hydroponics community garden located at a common green near Block 573 Woodlands Drive 16. The garden occupies about 30 sqm or half the size of a 3-room flat.

With the support of eco interest groups in the neighbourhood, they organised talks and workshops, and rallied residents to help plant and harvest their own edible greens such as chye sim and Chinese cabbage.

2019 Edition Team Hydroglen

Konnectorize the Young and Mature Group, by Team Konnectorize

Observing the lack of interaction between the older and younger residents in their neighbourhood, Team Konnectorize saw the opportunity to create a platform to bring residents of different ages together.

The team identified the void deck of Block 683C Woodlands Drive 62 for their project as many residents pass through the space on their daily commute. With the support and ideas of residents in the area, they installed 3-D wall murals, floor decals, additional lightings, and a plant wall. The result is an Instagram-worthy hang-out spot named ‘Konnect Point’ that has become popular with residents both young and old.

2019 Edition Team Konnectorize

Relax & Entertainment Corner, by Sembawang Rangers

This team of nine members from Sembawang observed that the residents’ corner at Block 718 Woodlands Ave 6 was under-utilised, with not many residents participating in community activities. Speaking to residents in the neighbourhood, they found that many were unaware that the space was meant for their use. Some also felt the space was unattractive and unwelcoming as it was enclosed by grilles and a gate.

The team decided to revamp the residents’ corner into a more open and conducive space for residents to come together. The surrounding grilles and gate were removed, and residents came together to decorate the space with art murals, transforming it into a vibrant and welcoming place that residents can call their own. The space was officially launched on 18 May 2019 with 300 residents in attendance.

2019 Edition Sembawang Rangers

2016 Edition

Balik Kampong Festival, by Balik Kampong

The concept of the festival is to turn Bedok Town Square into a Kampong that residents look forward to coming home to. Through conversations with residents, the team found out that there was a preference for activities of the yesteryear, e.g. watching movies with neighbours, enjoying traditional snacks, and playing childhood games. As the most popular winning idea, HDB and the Kampong Chai Chee’s Youth Executive Committee (YEC) jointly organised the Balik Kampong Festival on 18 Mar 2017. In line with the theme, performances and traditional snacks such as kacang puteh and malt candy were catered for visitors to the Festival. In addition, games such as snakes and ladders, chap teh and aeroplane were also featured at the event. Approximately 1,800 residents visited the event, with 300 residents enjoying Bedok Town Square’s very first movie screening, ‘Long Long Time Ago 2’.

2016 Edition Balik Kampong

 Adopt-A-Chair, by Bedok Boleh

Adopt-a-chair is an idea about having chairs shaped as drums, where the community can be free to express themselves creatively by decorating the chair they adopt. These ‘art pieces’ can in turn be used to create music while beautifying the plaza.

The chairs can also be designed to be stackable and used for different purposes.

2016 Edition Bedok Boleh

 The Drumbeats of Bedok, by Team Drumlets

The name Bedok is derived from the Malay word Bedoh referring to a drum. Taking inspiration from this, the team developed this idea of creating an iconic ‘Bedoh’ centerpiece which residents can identify with. Passers-by can also interact with it by hitting the drum.

Smaller drums can be co-created by the community and placed around the plaza. An annual drum-making and drumming competition can also be held with the winning drums being placed on display. Performances can also involve the community and show how different drumbeats can result in one Bedok heartbeat.

2016 Edition Team Drumlets


2014 Edition

Read more about the winning projects, Build-A-Playground @ Canberra and Siglap East’s Walls of Inspiration and Food Fiesta, at their respective pages.