Free Parking Scheme on Sundays and Public Holidays

HDB offers the Free Parking Scheme (FPS) at various HDB car parks on Sundays and Public Holidays. Through this scheme, we aim to promote social interaction and stronger family ties.

Free parking hours

Under the FPS, you can enjoy free parking from 7.00am to 10.30pm on Sundays and Public Holidays in majority of our HDB car parks.

The FPS is not applicable to parking lots reserved for season parking holders. These reserved parking lots are usually marked by red or bicoloured (red-with-white) lines, with the restricted timings and days painted in front of the lots (if any). Supplementary sign plates are usually installed nearby to help identify such parking lots.

FPS car park locations

You can identify car parks with FPS by the orange sign plate installed on the main signboard, at the entrance of a car park. You can also use our Centralised Map to locate these car parks.