Reserve List


Executive Condominium Housing Development at Senja Close

Please contact Ms Tan Khai Ying at or, if you wish to apply for the site to be put up for tender, so that we can schedule an appointment for your submission. Thank you.

Particulars of Site

Location Senja Close
Proposed Development Executive Condominium
LandArea 10,159.2 sqm
Maximum Gross Floor Area 30,478 sqm
Minimum Gross Floor Area 27,430 sqm
Project Completion Period 60 months from the date of acceptance of tender
Lease Term 99years

Technical Details:

The above tender documents are for information only. The complete set of updated tender documents and all relevant circulars, corrigenda and notifications are available for purchase in the One-Stop Developer's Portal at S$181.90 w/GST (S$170.00 w/o GST).

The responsibility of HDB and the government is limited to notifying purchasers of the eDeveloper's packet of any additions, variations or amendments to the tender documents. If a Purchaser of the eDeveloper's packet makes the contents therein available to any other party, whether an associate, a client or an agent or whosoever and whether local or overseas; it shall be the purchaser's responsibility to keep that party informed of any such additions, variations or amendments.

Parties interested to participate in the tender for this land parcel are advised to purchase the eDeveloper's Packet.

eDeveloper's Tender Packet

Details of the site and particulars of tender requirements are available in the One-Stop Developer's Portal, the tender documents can be purchased at a fee of S$181.90 w/GST (S$170.00 w/o GST).