• Published Date: 30 Oct 2019

                HDB will be piloting the roll-out of Digital Display Panels (DDPs) in HDB estates starting from next year. A tender will be launched today to call for the installation, operation and management of some 6,000 DDPs across HDB estates. This pilot project is in support of Singapore’s Smart Nation drive to leverage digital technologies to bring useful and relevant information and services to residents’ doorsteps.


    2          Today, several Town Council (TCs) have DDPs installed and running at various HDB common areas, such as lifts and lift lobbies. HDB’s pilot roll-out builds on the TCs’ initiative by aggregating demand across different estates for greater economies of scale.


    3          To facilitate the delivery of community and municipal messages to residents in a convenient, timely and neater way, the DDPs will be installed at HDB lift lobbies on the ground floor and inside some residential lifts. They will offer a rolling display of news and information from government agencies, community organisations and advertisers. The content could range from local notices on estate happenings and events, to nationwide updates on emergencies and public health advisories. Commercial advertisements could also be displayed, but these will be capped at no more than 30 per cent of the total screen time.


    4          The DDPs will complement the existing traditional noticeboards in HDB estates, which involve physically replacing the paper notices whenever content becomes outdated. Due to space restrictions, the information displayed on the physical noticeboards is also limited. With the provision of DDPs, content can be seamlessly refreshed so that residents can be kept updated on important messages as well as the latest happenings within their estates.