Here are the basic performance criteria for conducting business activities in HDB car parks. Your proposed services should meet these requirements:

  • They provide a service to residents and optimise the use of HDB car parks
  • They do not affect residents’ parking needs
  • They do not adversely affect the character, ambience, and environment of the residential estate
  • Necessary safety precautions must be taken at all times. The business activities must not pose any danger or safety hazards to car parks users
  • They do not generate any noise, smoke, odour, effluent, or dust, that can cause nuisance
  • They comply with other government authorities’ regulations. Clearances/ licences/ permits from relevant authorities and organisations must be obtained before starting the business
  • They are not illegal or unlawful
  • The activities are confined wholly within the designated area
  • No tents, tables, or chairs 
  • No storage and use of dangerous chemicals and/ or hazardous substances
  • Any vehicles must fit comfortably into the parking lots

Your permit will be revoked if negative feedback is received.