Lim Fang Ting

Lim Fang Ting
Senior Architect

Centre of Excellence for Urban Design & Development
Building & Research Institute

Master of Architecture, NUS

The HDB scholarship has offered me the opportunity to pursue a career moulded out of my interest in architecture. As a scholar, I have also been presented with valuable experiences such as an internship and a sponsored overseas exchange programme which have aided in my understanding of the role I play as an architect in shaping Singapore’s public housing landscape.


Upon joining HDB, I was part of a team committed to town planning and urban design under the Research & Planning Group (RPG). The experience gained from my work in town planning laid an important foundation to understanding that the job of an architect in HDB is beyond the design of physical structures – it is also about creating healthy towns, communities, and aspirations for current and future residents.


As part of my career development, I am currently working with a multi-disciplinary team on the design of new HDB projects under the Building & Research Institute (BRI). Here, I get to build up experience in detailed design and construction work. At the same time, we are always challenging ourselves to come up with new and innovative ways to improve the quality of living for HDB residents through better design.


What keeps me excited at work is the fact that I get to influence the future of public housing through my passion for good design. Be it town planning or architecture design, the work of an architect in HDB is both challenging and fulfilling, and there is always something new to learn!