Bras Basah Complex


Bras Basah Complex, also known as the City of Books, retained its history and further enhanced it with arts and cultural retail shops.

This complex, located within the Central Area, is next to the National Library. It is surrounded by many tertiary and art institutions, making it a popular stop for students to stock-up their school supplies.

Bras Basah Complex boasts a wide variety of shops that sell books, musical instruments, and various other art accessories. There are also traditional trades which include Chinese calligraphy, teapots, and more. Adding to the rich trade mix are optical shops as well as sports equipment, stationery, and watch shops. Shoppers will definitely be thrilled by the wide selection of shops in Bras Basah Complex.

For more information, you may wish to visit the Bras Basah Complex website.

Getting There

Block 231, Bain Street, Singapore 180231


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Contact Number: 6338-3213